The Homepage of Adam Marks

Professional programmer, amateur mathematician, artist, musician, human, student of reality; by way of michigan-california-new-york.
Last updated: Wed Jul 21 13:59:25 2010 GMT


strace Shirt (2008)

Proposed tee-shirt design.

DVD Player #2 (2008)

Circuit-thrashed DVD player.

VCR #1 (2007)

Circuit-thrashed VCR.

Terminal Noise (2007)

A script that generates random text modulated by random terminal control sequences, publicly accessible via TCP/IP.

DVD player #1 (2006)

Circuit-thrashed DVD player.

Calltrace (2005)

Live computer program visualization using Valgrind.

Video Filter Feedback (2005)

Korg KPE-1 feedback.

Colorwaves (2004)

MIDI-tuned gradients.


1000 Powers of 2 (2010)

The first thousand powers of two. Also in color.


Mountain Chains (2009-present)

My side side side project netlabel; an ongoing experiment in the presentation of music on the internet; an excuse to collaborate with pals.

Lead Paint (2008-present)

My band; an ongoing dynamic collection of pals experimenting in heavy drones and conceptual non-programmed music and video.

MRP Sequencer 1.2 (2006)

A shell/gui MIDI step sequencer.

Dead Planet (2006)

Solo synthesizer music.


Lead Paint - Nuclear Spring (2010)

A beached ship in Goa, India, the five regular polyhedra, and finite groups up to order 20.

Lead Paint - Be Yourself (2008)

Samples from the knife show.

Illegal Dreams (2008)

Fictitious production logo; Yars Revenge through a Boss Metal Zone MT-2 distortion pedal.

Film School - Compare (2008)

Music video for the band Film School, from their album Hideout on Beggars Banquet.

Data Drug / Ava (2007)

Destruction of visual stimulants and re-construction of found video.

Nature is Information (2005)

VHS samples of our nation's national parks. RSS twitter